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PCAT 2021

Strong people don't need strong leaders

The Fourth PCAT Fellowship begins January 30, 2021 and will carry through until a week before the 1921 Centennial. This powerful fellowship session has lead to more equitable policy and wealth building programs aimed at ending disparities across our city.
Our work is just getting started.

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PCAT: Welcome

The PCAT Fellowship

Parent & Community Action Team

PCAT cohorts are comprised of 20-25 north Tulsa parents, educators and/or community advocates from a diversity of perspectives and lived experiences all connected through a deep commitment to the health and vibrance of north Tulsa. The ultimate outcome of the fellowship is to build power within north Tulsa stakeholders. We build power by training fellows on the fundamentals of organizing and movement-building and then applying those lessons to identify and impact issues affecting the north Tulsa community. 

Since the start of the PCAT fellowship in 2018, 60 PCAT fellows (cohorts one and two) have engaged over 1,200 north Tulsa stakeholders through house and communal gatherings; building relationships and uncovering the stories behind critical issues affecting the quality of life among north Tulsa residents.  That engagement lead to the crafting of twenty recommendations across four critical subject areas (Public Safety, Trauma in Schools, Economic Opportunity, Home Ownership). Those recommendations were researched and developed over the course of several months by PCAT fellows/alumni as well as research teams comprised of community stakeholders and then prioritized and presented by over 300 north Tulsa stakeholders to public officials in the City of Tulsa at the 2019 Building Wakanda Summit (Culminating Event for the Fellowship).  

PCAT alumni continue to organize, advocate and spur action through their respective lenses and the Met Cares Foundation is excited to build on their work through new partnerships by engaging and equipping a new group of up to 60 north Tulsa advocates each year.

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PCAT: About Us
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