Our Founder and Chairman


Pastor Dr. Ray A. Owens

Founder and Chair of the Met Cares Foundation

In 2014, Pastor Owens convened a meeting of leaders throughout North Tulsa to discuss the undeniable systemic challenges facing our students of color and their families.  It was clear that something must change.  In response, Pastor Owens created the Met Cares Foundation - with the vision of building community power to change what is possible in education, economic development in North Tulsa by dismantling systems of oppression. 

Since it's creation, the Met Cares Foundation has opened the first partnership school in the state of Oklahoma, lead city-wide efforts for sweeping change and become a preeminent force in community organizing within the city of Tulsa. 


Our Board of Directors

Pastor Dr. Ray A. Owens


Carl Bracy


Eleanor Payne


Paul Johnson


Dr. Tiffany Crutcher

GLA Parent Representative

Portia Hargrove

GLA Parent Representative

David Ballard

Board Member

Marcia Bruno-Todd

Board Member

Andre' Fredieu

Board Member

Jolie Fredieu

Board Member

Quentin Liggins

Board Member

Brandon Oldham

Board Member

Ashley Philippsen

Board Member

Kuma Roberts

Board member

Patricia Samuels

Board Member

Eunice Tarver

Board Member


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Meet Our Staff

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Jabar Shumate

Interim Executive Director


Greg Robinson

Director of Family and Community Engagement


Lisa Ruda

Project Manager


Raynell Joseph

Manager, Family Organizing


Nate Morris

Manager, Community Organizing

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